What to do if things go wrong

We make every effort to get things right so you do not have any complaints. If you do have a complaint, please contact us so we can put things right as quickly as possible.

If we cannot resolve your complaint informally, we have a formal disputes procedure and you can log your complaint online.

The formal dispute procedure can also be found in the resources section.



At any time, if you are having difficulties in sorting out your complaint, you may wish to contact MoneyHelper. MoneyHelper can provide free advice and information to explain your rights and responsibilities.

Pensions Ombudsman

If you are not happy with the response to your complaint and MoneyHelper have not been able to help you, you can get in touch with the Pensions Ombudsman who can investigate your case.

Your feedback is appreciated

If you have received excellent service from the pension fund, we'd love to hear from you.

Any compliments and general comments are appreciated, so don't hesitate to email us. Our contact details are available here.

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